Pol-Whores scandals


Posted on: December 27, 0009

Nobody can deny that Filipinos have been traumatized having Mike Arroyo as the other half of our current president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. With the number of scams and issues of graph and corruption connected to the first family name ever since PGMA’s term started, especially the ever so famous and extravagant ZTE deal. It’s no joke to conclude that somehow, the person who sits more besides, eats more with, and sleeps more with the person in authority gain more than what we expected. Despite the fact, that right now, PGMA holds the highest position in our country, still it is undeniable that she’s still found herself submissive to his husband and his decision. And with this, somehow, the Filipino deserves to see if there’s a threat for another FG Arroyo. Although, unlike the Arroyo couples who’s issue was so natural and well-accepted, what’s with this aspirant couple was something less likely yet more different since the decision-maker was no other than the woman to her husband. And if you haven’t got enough idea who this power wife is, you may probably the list of 2009 wedding of the year or maybe some noontime shows ready to take full take full indulgence with wedding proposals of rich politicians to their famous celebrity partners. And I guess people should also check Twitter if ever to see their latest love cheesiness updates. Well, anyways, I won’t deprive the public knowing who this couple is… They’re no other than Vice President aspirant Mar Roxas and her wife Korina Sanchez bidding for the public’s votes to gain authority in the Philippines again. Some among us had already had bad vibes regarding Sanchez, who they tagged as the other “Imelda” and who for me was the “female Mike Arroyo”. Korina’s lifestyle was one of the most talked about issues when you’ve mentioned her name. Her precious choices of clothes and accessories are really astonishing. But do Filipinos are aware of Korina and her BMW issue. It has been said that Korina Sanchez failed to pay the amortization of her new car, and instead of fulfilling such, responsibilities, she even attack them abusing her privileges as a media personnel. Yet no evidence was kept around the web, and we must praise Sanchez for such an effort in deleting those negative feedbacks before Roxas run for candidacy. If people like this are capable of mandating some decisions to our country’s leader, then let’s not expect for progress. These types are political leeches and parasites who’ll soon take advantage of our country’s wealth. Mar Roxas maybe a so-so candidate yet still with his leech wife, I couldn’t imagine what will happen to Philippines if he will be elected.


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