Pol-Whores scandals

Behind the fall of every great man is a woman.

Posted on: January 4, 2010

Mar Roxas’ reputation is safe from the public’s eye since somehow, they have kept it very private although undeniably, some knows the skeletons in his closet. But still, some things are really left here to be known, and maybe because their foulness were easily sensed as well.

Ever since, the Mar-Korina affair was made public, most Filipinos have raised their eyebrows. It’s not like an all-against-odd version again that struck the news but more on a politician-using-partner’s-fame again thingy for us, Filipinos, and until the day now, even after their marriage and honeymoon… numbers of detractors still arises.

But actually, the public eyes somehow shouldn’t lay pity over Korina at all. That sweet smiling TV anchor wasn’t a goody-goody package as she seems to be, and as she was renowned to be. Intellectually, she has shown enough after graduating from Miriam College and earning couple of awards from her field. But, that doesn’t make her any more excluded from the conviction of hurting someone, her subordinate, just because she has all the power to rule over anybody.

Nevertheless was the presence of cases against her and her negligent towards her housemaid’s SSS. A good and responsible media personnel is fully aware of the consequences to come his/her way whenever someone fail to do so, and also they were one of the most informed people in regards to this insurances and public benefits.

Although, cases against Korina have already been dismissed and some articles in the web were somehow deleted already, the issues still marked in the minds of the Filipinos and how a 42 year old housemaid was accused of thievery and was beaten up by her and her boyfriend in Makati when it was said that the said stolen bracelet pawned.

With this thing, still, we can’t call anybody saint enough despite all the glamour, the background, and the image. After all, everything is just a screenplay for the riches, and the ambitious ones.


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